MLDB Pro is a commercially-available MLDB plugin created by It adds to MLDB a number of dataset types which are faster and more memory-efficient than the ones available under an open-source license as part of MLDB:

The beh.mutable dataset type is the most useful dataset type provided by the MLDB Pro plugin. It is a drop-in replacement for the sparse.mutable dataset type and can make computations 2-10 times faster. It is a write-once sparse mutable dataset which creates a memory-mappable file of type .beh which can then be loaded up immutably with the beh dataset type.

The beh.binary dataset type and beh.binary.mutable dataset type have a similar relationship, but are even more efficient because they only store the cell value 1.

The MLDB Pro Plugin is part of the MLDB Enterprise Edition, which is freely available under the MLDB End User License Agreement, Non-Commercial Software License version 1.0. A license permitting commercial use can be purchased from by contacting sales.