Stats Table Get Counts Function

Functions of this type do a lookup in a stats table trained with the statsTable.train procedure type and returns the counts for each of the keys provided as input.


A new function of type statsTable.getCounts named <id> can be created as follows:

mldb.put("/v1/functions/"+<id>, {
    "type": "statsTable.getCounts",
    "params": {
        "statsTableFileUrl": <Url>

with the following key-value definitions for params:

Field, Type, DefaultDescription


URL of the model file (with extension '.st') to load. This file is created by the statsTable.train procedure type.

Input and Output Values

Functions of this type have a single input value named keys which is a row.

Functions of this type have a single output value named counts which is also a row. The row will contain two columns for each key, one containing the number of elements for the key and one containing the number of labels for that key. For example, for keys in the host and region stats tables, a row of this form would be returned:

rowName imp-host label-host imp-region label-region
row_1 25 1 50 0

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